Council on American-Islamic Relations Texas-Central North

            The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a grassroots organization founded in 1994 with a mission to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America.[1] Since 9/11 and the subsequent exponential growth in hate crimes and discrimination against American Muslims, CAIR expanded its role in media engagement, civil rights cases, political action, Islamophobia monitoring, and advocacy. While the non-profit civil liberties organization is headquartered in Washington D.C., CAIR has chapters across the country, including one in Dallas. The CAIR-Texas DFW chapter was founded in 1998 to serve Muslims in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.[2] The CAIR-Texas Central-North chapter “represents the united offices in Austin and Dallas Fort-Worth.”[3]

            Since October 14, 2019 Faizan Syed is the Executive Director of CAIR-Texas DFW. Previously, he was the director of CAIR’s Missouri chapter for 8 years. In his time with CAIR, Syed has overseen “aftermath of the Joplin Mosque Arson, the defeat of Missouri's anti-Sharia legislation five times in a row, the deaft [sic] of the anti-BDS legislation twice, the Ferguson protests, and has worked to bring justice to countless families suffering discrimination.”[4]

            CAIR-Texas Central-North offers legal services in the areas of civil rights and immigration. If a Muslim has been discriminated against because of their religion or is a victim of a hate crime, they can find representation at CAIR. CAIR’s legal branch provides “free and low cost immigration services”[5] to those in need. Both of these legal services are vital to the Muslim community, as they experience violations of their civil liberties and suffer discrimination in the immigration process.

            CAIR is committed to making sure Muslim voices are heard in the government. CAIR TX-CN organizes a bi-annual Texas Muslim Capital Day, where Muslims from across Texas gather at the state capital in Austin to engage with the political process and includes meetings with elected officials[6]. The annual National Muslim Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill is another event, where Texas Muslims travel to Washington D.C. to meet their members of Congress. These events empower Muslims to become more familiar with the political process, become politically active, and speak out about the issues that concern them. They also send a message to elected officials to listen to their Muslim constituents’ concerns.[7]

            One of CAIR TX-CN’s newest initiatives is the Boring Campaign on Palestine. Launched shortly after the May 2021 attacks in the region drew worldwide attention to the human rights issue, the Boring Campaign is meant to train and empower people who are “passionate about the Palestinian cause” into “grassroots advocates for Palestine.” The Palestinian cause is one that most Muslims care deeply about, but many do not know how to make a real change outside of social media posts and public demonstrations. The Boring Campaign goal is to educate and train potential advocates on the “boring” areas of advocacy, such as advocacy groups. Legislators, and newsrooms.[8] In this way, CAIR TX-CN serves the Muslim community’s need for mobilization.

            The Texas-Central North chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations serves the Muslim community in a variety of spaces. From legal services, to government affairs and political action, to empowering advocacy, CAIR TX-CN continues to be a force against Islamophobia and ensure Muslim voices are raised and heard.




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